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31 Day Photography Project

I’ve hit a bit of creative block so I thought I need a project. So starting on the 1st of August [2012] I am starting a photo a day challenge. I’ve seen similar projects but decided to compose my own list. I’ve started my list but only got 25 possibilities so far.

The list so far includes: Self, Smoke, Transparent, Contrast, Alone, Wooden, Hands, Childhood, Colour, Faceless, Motion, Dark, Ghost, Pattern, Loud, Collect[ion], Water, Mountain, Number, Secret, Broken, Lost, Invisible, Made & inside…

I haven’t finalised my list yet so suggestions and ideas are more than welcome. The more vague, cryptic or abstract the better!  It would also be awesome if others would join me in the challenge. So, I’ve set up the Pinbox Camera Club Flickr group so we can share and discuss our results.

For those of you who are joining me then I guess we need so rules. I think the challenge works best if you can take one photo a day, episodically in accordance to the list. But, who’ll know if you take the 31 pictures on the 31st August! So, I’ll keep it simple with one rule; the 31 photo’s have to of been taken between the 1st August and the 31st August. Ohh, and use any camera you wish.

I will be shooting all the photo’s on one 36 exp film on a Ricoh KR-10 super because as it states it’s super! but also it’s my favourite camera and if I stop using it my Dad will want it back. This also means no messing up.

Also, post your topic ideas & suggestions below or on the pinbox facebook page, and see on flickr in the Pinbox Camera Club!

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