AGFA Box Camera

I was sorting through my camera collect in search of a camera to put some 120 film through and pulled this out, the AGFA Synchro Box [I think].

I was give this by a props master, who a friend of mine worked with, upon finding out I collected all kinds if photography… ‘tat’. I was grateful of the donation but not having a project or use for it at the time it sadly worked it’s way to the bottom of a box to be forgotten.

However, upon it’s rediscovery I found it contained a fully exposed film which I couldn’t resist but to have it developed. Now, I have considered it to be a little strange to have a film developed; origin unknown and that proceed to publish the photographs of complete strangers on the internet. But, it might be even stranger to just not do anything with them and although the results are incredibly underwhelming, who knows they may hold a hidden story..?


I have no idea who these people are [or canine] nevertheless,  I do know the camera most probably originated from the North East [of England] and from the clothes people are wearing the photos where probably taken at some point in the 70’s. So, after 40 odd years sat in a camera the colours have come out quite nicely. It’s a shame that the photographer was a little too close in most of the shots and it would appear had their fingers over the lens in the photo of the dog.


This discovery also got thinking how perfectly useful, relevant and exciting old cameras remain to be. Cameras such as this box camera pretty much have the same functionality of any more recently manufactured ‘lomo’ type camera and most people have said cameras sat around collecting dust.


This has inspired me to start a new blog thread to find and use retired and forgotten cameras that in my humble opinion still have creative functionality and maybe hold a few surprises. By doing this I hope I might inspire some of my readers to search out old film cameras, ask parents, grandparents, neighbours to see if they have any forgotten film cameras hidden away. AGFA_11-sml

I already have a number of car-boot and e-bay bought cameras that I plan showcase here over the next few weeks and months. I will also do some detective work and maybe I’ll find out more about these photo’s




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One thought on “LOST & FOUND

  1. lizt84 says:

    Awesome work! It is a real snapshot into the life of the previous owners, looking forward to seeing more. Who knows you may find the next Vivian maier!

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