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So we’re kind of the new kids on the blog [sorry] but we have big plans. Hopefully, our blog will soon be a good place to be. It’s here that we will share our love for cameras and photography. We will share the cool things we find, review camera we use, and discuss and explore all things analogue photography for all to see. So it will be a good place to revisit regularly and maybe bookmark. We welcome contributors and/or feature suggestions so please get in touch via blog@pinboxshop.co.uk

Also please visit our shop for loads to Toy Camera goodness www.pinboxshop.co.uk

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Juliette Sahut says:


    My name is Juliette Sahut, I’m a French editor working in Paris and I’m currently working on a book about upcycling and DIY.
    I simply adore your sardine tin camera and I think that it has its place in our book ! I would like to show it on our book. Are you willing to collaborate with us ?

    Best regards

    75006 PARIS
    TEL / 01 42 44 82 48

    • pinboxcamerashop says:

      Hi Juliette
      Thank you, I’m delighted you like the camera.
      I would absolutely love to collaborate with you and exhibit the camera in the book. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to email me at pinbox@hotmail.co.uk
      I look forward to hearing from you

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