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Colour Slide Film: X-processed

Slide Film

Night Bus

Had some colour slide film [reversal film] in my Ricoh KR-10 since the summer that I finally got around to processing. What does that tell you about me? I’m lazy, I’ve got too many other cameras or I’m not taking enough photos? Maybe all of the above.

The camera was loaded with AGFA CT Precisa Colour Slide Film [100 ISO] that I decided to cross process. This means using a C41 chemistry [used for colour negative film] to process the film instead of the conventional E6 chemistry. This process tends to give that quintessential Lomo look to your photos but blowing out the high-lights, increasing contrast and de-saturating colours. Anyway, I got the scans back from the lab but with mixed results.

The above shot of the bus stop was the only shot on the roll that I planned. The bus stop is at the bottom of my drive and the green florescent light has a very Lynchian / E. Hopper look to it that I though would render well on reversal film. It’s sort of worked how I wanted it to but think I will repeat the shot and not cross process the film. I might be wrong but I think the process is a little harsh and possibly the regular E6 process might help maintain a finer finish.


Car park

I believe the cross processing has desaturated this shot slightly as I was much more vivid from memory.



I think this is the look that I wanted to achieve from cross processing the film. High contrast and washed out desaturated colours.



So gutted that the focusing was off with this shot but in thumb nail it looks great.


Industry 1


Industry 2


Industry 3

I think there’s quite a lot of drama too these images created by the moody sky, the silhouetting and high contrast process.


Little lady

The 50mm on the Ricoh opens right up to f1.7 and copes with low light really well. However, I think I’m far to eager to leave it open and to the detriment of this shot; the depth of field is far too shallow and thus the second figure in this image just melts into the background. Well done Ricoh though for having such an awesome lens.



I know it’s just a photo of a digger but I think the colours have come out lovely and for me the exposures just right. Slide film does seem to render oranges really well.

In conclusion, I’m not sure I will cross process much more slide film unless I’m photographing orange things. If you like that blown-out contrasty lomo look then I think this is the best and most purist way to achieve it without using photoshop or putting a filter on your images. I’, not sure what is added to my images with this process but I will hold judgement until I have processed this Film with E6.

With all the ‘creative’ cropping I’ve done one thing I’ve learned is that I can’t hold a bloody camera straight and I rush when focusing. Anyway made little note to self: must try harder next time.

The film I used was AGFA CT Precisa Colour Slide Film shamelessly available here


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